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Now you might think that Cornflake Cakes are for making at home, with the kids because they're super easy and a bit basic. Well, you are WRONG!! These Biscoff Cornflake Cakes are the grown-up version! They are smothered in milk chocolate and are perfect for treats at home, or for selling in treat boxes or at fairs and markets.

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  • Biscoff Cornflake Treats

Bronya's Notes

These Cornflake Biscoff Treats are made like classic rice crispy cakes with melted marshmallows and are ideal for any Biscoff fan to enjoy with a cup of tea. The slightly toasted taste of cornflakes, with the addedBiscoff Spreador cookie butter and crushed Lotus Biscoff Biscuits give them an extra delicious taste profile.

They are then smothered in a Milk Chocolate andBiscofftopping. And lastly they are finished with a final Lotus Biscoff Cookies so everyone knows exactly what is inside.

Even though they have a few more ingredients than a rice crispy treat, don't be fooled. These Cornflake Cakes are quick and easy to make. You can of course make them at home with the help from children. They would be a fantastic school holiday activity. But I made these to sell at a school fair and they took less than 10 minutes to complete and made me a tidy profit per slice.

If I was making at home with the children, for a little less hassle I may not go all out with the chocolate topping. It takes a little longer to set and will create more of a mess. But if you're children are clean, tidy and patient then go ahead and pour that chocolate on!

Ingredient Notes for Biscoff Cornflake Cakes


Any type will work. I use either mini marshmallows or classic British Pink and White marshmallows.

Butter or Baking Spread

I am happy to use Baking Spread in this these Cornflake Cakes. Block Butter will work fine, but it is more expensive than Baking Spread and not necessary. The marshmallows and Biscoff Spread help this to set so block butter with its added fat content is not needed.

Biscoff Spread

Biscoff Spread is not the only option for this bake. You could try any sweet spread – check out the FAQ section.

Making it Vegan

Did you know Biscoff Spread and Lotus Biscuits are vegan? I know. Fantastic eh? That means if you use vegan alternatives for all other ingredients, you can make this still keeping the key flavour of Biscoff. You can readily buy Free From Marshmallows, Plant Based Butter and Dairy Free Chocolate. Using those alternatives will make this a vegan option.


I used Cornflakes for this recipe to give it a great toasted flavour. However, if you don’t have cornflakes Rice Krispies will work but just won’t be as toasty tasting.

Chocolate Topping

I used Milk Chocolate for the topping. I find Milk Chocolate pairs best with the Biscoff Flavour. White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate will also work, but it will change the flavour.

How to Make Cornflake Biscoff Treats

These Cornflake Cakes don't actually need baking. However, it does need cooking to melt the marshmallows, baking spread and Biscoff spread together. I did mine in a large, heavy bottomed saucepan over a medium heat. One thing I was careful to remember though, is that it was large enough to take the whole mix – including the cornflake mixture.

You can also melt it together in a microwave, but again remember to use a large bowl, big enough for the whole mix. Microwave on 20 second bursts as things can burn very quickly heating them this way.

I added extra Lotus Biscoff Biscuit crumbs in for added flavour. If you want the mix a little softer and gooier, you could add a tablespoon of golden syrup.

Make sure you have a prepared pan that is lines with parchment paper or greaseproof paper. This stuff can be really sticky, so good greaseproof paper is essential.

Once you've poured the mixture into the lined tin you need to press down firmly to compact them. A top tip is to cover with a sheet of parchment paper before pressing with a rolling pin or the flat of your hand. The paper will act as a barrier and stop you getting sticky.

When you melt the chocolate and Biscoff Spread for the topping don’t melt all the chocolate at once in case you over heat the chocolate. The last thing you want is the fat ‘blooming’ as it sets. Therefore, melting 3 quarters, and then letting the last quarter be melted by the heat from the already melted chocolate will help to temper it.

I also let the heat from the chocolate melt the Biscoff Spread so it mixed in smoothly.

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Cornflake Biscoff Treat FAQs

Can these be made vegan?

Yes. Biscoff and Lotus Biscuits are both vegan. Which means if you can get substitutes for other ingredients; Plant Based Butter, Dairy Free Chocolate and Vegan Marshmallows, this bake can be made vegan

Can I use other breakfast cereals?

Yes, You can use Rice Krispies. In fact these would make incredible Rice Krispie Treats! I wouldn’t, however, use any pre-sugared or sugar coated cereals as it will be overly sweet.

Can these be made into Easter treats?

Absolutely. The Cornflake Cake part of this bake is fantastic on it’s own without the Chocolate Topping. Spoon it into cupcake cases and top with Mini Eggs to make fantastic Easter nests.

Do I have to use Biscoff?

No, why not try swapping out Biscoff Spread for Chocolate Spread and chocolate biscuits. Asda do a delicious Cookies and Cream Spread, which would be fantastic with crushed Oreos, or use Marks and Spencer or Morrisons White Chocolate Hazelnut Cream with Kinder Beuno.

How do I store them?

They can be stored in an airtight container for several days – if they last that long

Pro Tips

This bake would be great in a Treat Box, or as slices for a market stall. They would be fantastic in a Tea Room or Coffee Shop as they have a long shelf life and won’t spoil quickly.

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Biscoff Cornflake Cakes Recipe - Daisy Cake Company (3)

Biscoff Cornflake Treats

Biscoff Cornflake Cakes Recipe - Daisy Cake Company (4)Bronya Seifert

This is a variation on the traditional rice crispy treats. It includes cornflakes mixed with the delicious taste of Biscoff and is smothered in a Milk Chocolate and Biscoff Topping

Prep Time 10 minutes mins

Chill Time 1 hour hr

Course cake, Dessert, Snack

Cuisine English

Servings 8


  • 1 Heavy Bottom Saucepan

  • 1 8" Square Brownie Tin Any equivalent brownie baking tin

  • 1 Microwave proof bowl


Cornflake Base

  • 160 gms Marshmallows
  • 60 gms Butter or Baking Spread
  • 60 gms Biscoff Spread/Cookie Butter/Speculoos
  • 160 gms Cornflakes
  • 60 gms Broken Lotus Biscuits (Optional)

Chocolate/Biscoff Topping

  • 300 gms Milk Chocolate
  • 50 gms Biscoff Spread/Cookie Butter/Speculoos
  • 8 Lotus Biscuits for Decoration


Cornflake Base

  • Line a Brownie tin with Baking Parchment or Greaseproof paper

  • In a heavy bottom saucepan weigh the Marshmallows and Butter/Baking Spread

  • Heat on medium until all the marshmallow and butter is melted

  • Remove from the heat, stir in the Biscoff spread and allow to melt with the heat of the marshmallows and butter.

  • Lastly add the cornflakes and stir, ensuring they are fully coated in the marshmallow, butter and Biscoff mix

  • Pour into the prepared tin and press down firmly to flatten the surface.

Chocolate/Biscoff Topping

  • In a microwave proof bowl, melt 3 quarters of the chocolate using 30 second bursts.

  • When fully melted add the final quarter and stir until melted

  • Add the Biscoff Spread and stir until fully mixed through

  • Pour over the Cornflake Base, push to the very edges using a knife, and tap the tin lightly to smooth out the topping

  • Place the 8 Lotus cookies in 2 line of 4 on top of the chocolate and allow to set (can be chilled in the fridge to speed up the setting process)

  • When fully set, remove from the tin, peel off the paper and using a very sharp knife cut into 8 pieces.

Keyword biscoff, cornflake, sweet treat

Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Biscoff Cornflake Cakes Recipe - Daisy Cake Company (2024)
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